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please call Terri Burns for help. 


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"Serenity House has saved my life!"

"Today, I am a good mother, daughter, sister, employee and friend.  I wake every morning with gratitude and hope and  that is the true gift of Serenity House."

                                             - Serenity House Resident

"Living in Serenity House taught me how to be responsible with money, how to respect others and respect myself, to tell the truth and be accountable for my actions. I got my daughter back, and my DYFS case has been closed now for two years."

                                             - Serenity House Alumna

Residents do their own food shopping and prepare meals in well-appointed kitchens. Pots, pans, dishes and utensils are provided along with all cleaning supplies.

Chores are rotated weekly among residents, and each person is expected to respect others by keeping the house clean and completing her or his chores on time.

Residents are required to pay an affordable 

program fee, which includes utilities. An office is available with computer and internet access so that residents can do job searches, write resumes and create personal budgets.

We believe in a strong 12-step program. Residents are required to attend four NA or AA meetings per week, obtain and use an NA or AA sponsor and become involved in a home group.

Life at Serenity House &

The Randy Scarborough House

Residents living at Serenity House in Absecon, NJ and The Randy Scarborough House in Somers Point, NJ are expected to work full time and transport themselves to and from their jobs via public transportation or automobile. All three locations are situated within walking distance to bus routes. Residents are permitted to have their own cars with appropriate documentation.