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​I saw the need for something following the short term treatment that addicts were getting and began to pursue opening some housing for recovering addicts in NJ similar to what I experienced in California. So, here's what happened… 

2001 - The Hansen Foundation, Inc. was formed.
2004 - Hansen House Halfway House for Men opened with 34 bed capacity
2005 - Hansen House Halfway House for Women opened with 34 bed capacity
2007 - Serenity House Sober Living for Women opened with 11 beds
2008 - Serenity Meadows Sober Living for Women opened with 10 beds
2012 - Randy Scarborough House Sober Living for Men opened with 12 beds
2014 - Serenity Rose House Sober Living for Women opened with 11 beds
2015 - Serenity Estates Sober Living opened the first luxury house for Women in NJ

2015 - Serenity Estates Sober Living opened the first luxury house for Men in NJ 

I have been drug-free for 20 years and along with continuing to keep recovery my #1 priority, I practice yoga regularly and believe in eating healthy and organic foods. We are what we eat after all and our body is really all we have so we better take good care of it! 

My Director of Operations, Terri Burns, has been working with me for the past 9 years and we have built this together 100%. All of our staff is in long term recovery and has first hand knowledge of where the addict is and where they need to go. Their willingness will ultimately determine their success! We go above and beyond to help addicts realize their true potential.


Jennifer Hansen

See the video of the song, "Street Life" written by

Jennifer Hansen & Angela Schiavo

Video by Jessie Fowler   ~   Vocals by Patty Balbo

It takes addicts approximately two years of actively working in a recovery program to become stable, which does not mean that we are cured and perfect; it just means that we have a pretty good chance, if we continue to apply the skills we have learned, to live a clean and healthy life. I am now a successful business woman devotedly involved in the recovery community.

Atlantic County has inadequate resources. Due to insurance restrictions, a patient's stay in a detox rehabilitation center is limited to two weeks, after which there is no place to go to receive follow-up care. Two weeks of treatment is not enough time to change the attitudes and behaviors necessary for recovery.


My name is Jennifer, and I am a recovering drug addict.

​My addiction took me to places I never imagined. I lived on the streets with a $300-a-day heroin habit. With dark circles under my eyes and track marks along my arms, I felt dead; my soul was gone. At the time, life seemed hopeless.

After several attempts at rehabilitation, I finally successfully detoxed at Seabrook House in Seabrook, NJ. I then entered a transitional facility in California where, during my 3-month stay, I began to gather the tools I needed to live without drugs. I learned the simple life skills that are necessary to stay clean and obtain serenity in my life. I stayed in California for 2 & 1/2 years while working and participating in 12-step recovery before returning home to NJ.

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